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Code of polite behaviour to follow
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Community and Content Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Only upload your own Designs, your own projects or work. If you are going to upload work on behalf of others; don’t. Anyone who uploads a work must create an account themselves. You cannot create account for your boss, your manager or your company unless you have been given written permissions to do so; remember that you would be liable for damages, issues and errors, so having a written document will help you.

Even when you have been given right to create an account for your employer, your boss or a team-member, you must still have all the legal rights and permissions to enter into our Terms and Agreements which requires you to give us a special license as noted in Terms and Agreements.

Never ever upload any Design that includes third-party materials, never ever upload other’s works or properties. Always have necessary licenses such as model release agreements, royalty-free image agreements etc. beforehand uploading any project; you will be responsible for your uploads.

Don’t upload any work that would not be socially appropriate, for all audiences; if you cannot show your work to your neighbor’s kids without consequences, don’t upload such work. Don’t upload NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) material. Do not upload Designs that are inherently disrespectful, aggressive, or otherwise abusive.

Don’t upload copy-cat projects, even if they are not infringing any laws; upload original work only. Do not upload projects that are “in-progress” or “incomplete”; always aim to upload finished, final projects and designs, avoid uploading unfinished work.

Never upload any work you wish to register or apply a patent for. Never upload any of your company trade-secrets.

Report all projects that infringe or violate others’ rights.

You cannot add any Design or content that is not legal, lawful or ethical. Likewise, the Visitors should not view any content that is illegal, do not upload or view anything that is not legal; just because you being technically able to upload or view things does not make you eligible to upload or view them, and we remind you are accepting any risks when you access or upload content so be very careful about what you are checking or displaying.

The following Designs, content as well as any related activities, services and or products that relate to the following concepts are forbidden: Child Exploitation and Abuse, Harassment, Paedophilia, Bullying, Defamation and Threats, Racism, Harmful to Others or Related to Self-Harm, Malicious and Deceptive Practices, Rudeness, Hate, Spam, Bigotry, Terrorism, Personal and Confidential Information of Third Parties, Illegal Activities, Drugs and any other context, content, design, product or services that does not feel right, and especially not allowed by law. Please kindly note that some restricted Designs, products, content and services we list here are not all-inclusive and you should know, follow and obey all relevant laws when providing content or putting a product or service for sale or for display.

The mere fact that you could technically be able to insert a Design, product or service listing at Designers.Org does not mean that you are legally entitled to do so. You must consult with a lawyer or legal counsel if you are not sure whether the Designs, products or services or content you provide are acceptable or legal, especially considering the fact that you completely agree, acknowledge and assume responsibility as well as liability and hold us from any damages and harm that might relate to your listing, and also we remind that sale of illegal, harmful or unsafe products or services could potentially lead to legal action, including civil and criminal penalties.

Certain type of Designs, goods or content might only be provided by Designers or providers who might have the necessary legal permits and licenses to manufacture, sell, distribute, advertise or publicize them, these include but not limited to; products which could be used for producing an illegal product or undertake an illegal activity, products that infringe upon others’ intellectual properties or an individual’s privacy (including but not limited to captures or recordings taken without subject’s permission), humans or human body parts, animals or animal parts, sentient beings or parts of sentient beings, art works where the name of artist is not available, fake art work, counterfeit, unauthorized copies or reproductions of artwork, products that were intended to be mainly used for cheating, creating disruption or disturbance, products requiring a prescription or medical professionals’ supervision or direction of use, substances designed to emulate, used instead of or mimic illegal drugs, prescription medical devices, adulterated, misbranded, unapproved, homemade or sweatshop produced, undocumented, uncertified, tempered or altered chemical or cosmetic products or medical devices or products that make health claims, products that were not approved by sale or restricted by local and national authorities, products that present a risk of injury or illness, or are otherwise unsafe, homeopathic products, controlled substances, tempered or altered legal tenders including but not limited to counterfeit money, products or machinery intended for counterfeit good production, adulterated, misbranded, unapproved, homemade or sweatshop produced, undocumented, uncertified, tempered or altered dietary supplements, infant formulae or ingestible substances, products you sell or make available to any country must have labels and documentation in the official languages of that country, products labelled as “not for sale”, “tester”, “not for retail”, “not intended for resale” and similar, supplements claiming but not proven to be used to cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease, drugs, narcotics, hallucinogenics, weed or drug paraphernalia, or products that might cause hallucinations or alter mood, unapproved remedies for conditions or diseases, weapons, products intended or with an expected or highly potential use by kids, children or babies but not designed to be safe such as those that have sharp edges or with poisonous plating or colouring or not kid friendly in general and any other thing that could harm babies, children or kids, weapons, including toys that have lasers, projectile or thrown toys, products in the shape of weapons including those intended for kids such as toy weapons, irradiated products, products that emit radiation, disease or illness test kits, illegal, fatal, dangerous, poisonous or hazardous materials, chemicals, substances, seeds, plants or products, any product that makes an unprovable claim, recalled products, pornographic products and xxx materials including but not limited to xxx, pornography, x-rated, hardcode publications or movies or others, sexual material, content or products related to or including kids, children or babies, blank, skeleton, master or monkey keys, lock pick equipment or thief equipment, shoplifting or lock bypassing equipment, keyloggers, card skimmers, code grabbers, wiretappers, surveillance bugs, hacking devices, products that were designed to facilitate crime or privacy violations including but not limited to concealed sound recorders, hidden cameras, or others to tap into or listen to or gather data in unauthorized manner, such as eavesdropping, wiretapping and others, social media accounts or Users, illegal digital services, in-game currencies otherwise sold by the game makers themselves, uncertified products that require certification, nicotine, tabacco and tabacco related products including but not limited to dongs, vaporizers, shisha and others, arms, ammunition, weapons, explosives, defence items, firearms, dual-use items (products having both a defence and commercial purpose), accessories, parts, equipment or products related to weapons, arms, firearms, swords, weaponized knives or blades, martial art items, armour, weapons or products that were intended for law enforcement or military use, military products or supplies, investment services or schemes, unfair, predatory or deceptive products and services, high risk products or services, pay to remove sites, get rich products, multi-level marketing, pyramid, and matrix programs, replacement plans, warranties or guaranties made by non-manufacturers or authorized dealers or value added resellers, products that belong to others for which you have right to sell, artefacts, grave related products, psychic services, embargoed goods, promissory notes, mortgages or deeds of trust stocks, bail bonds, lending instruments, securities, financial aggregation, credit counselling, factoring, government services, international trading, virtual currency, sale of stored value, currency, lottery tickets, bidding fee auctions, bidding for odds, sweepstakes, gambles or gambling related products or materials including but not limited to gambling equipment, luck related products, slot machines, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED ARE ALL PROHIBITED, AND IN MOST CASES COULD ALSO LEAD TO CIVIL OR CRIMINAL PENALTIES, PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DISPLAYING OR VIEWING AS YOU ARE ASSUMING ALL RESPONSIBILITY, CIVIL AND CRIMINAL LIABILITY, AND YOU AGREE TO WITHHOLD US FROM ANY HARM OR LIABILITIES THAT MIGHT ARISE FROM YOU SELLING THESE ITEMS OR IF THE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES YOU SELL RESULT IN ANY HARM FOR CUSTOMERS, CLIENTS OR END-USERS OF THE PRODUCTS YOU SELL. WE RECOMMEND YOU TO CONSULT A TRADE SPECIALIST OR LAWYER TO INQUIRE WHAT IS LEGAL TO BE SOLD IN WHICH COUNTRY BEFORE YOU ADD A LISTING, WE ARE NOT PROVIDING YOU LEGAL ADVICE, ITEMS WE LIST ARE FOR INFORMATIVE AND EXAMPLE PURPOSES ONLY; REMEMBER LAWS CAN CHANGE AND YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING UP TO DATE ABOUT LAWS AND TO ENSURE YOUR LISTING IS LEGAL AND LAWFUL.

All safety and security Designs, products, medicine, cosmetics, infant formulae and indeed any other product shall be approved by the destination countries’ safety requirements, recognized testing laboratories or national standards. Designs and products that violate energy efficiency standards unless are sold as collectible must be marked as used – collectible status and a warning must accompany that it is prohibited to use them in certain countries or regions. Products that have been altered for alleged improved performance, safety specifications, or indications of use by resellers, end-Users, manufacturers or third parties shall be explicitly communicated in the warning section and shall not be sold if the modifications make them illegal or outside their intended purpose; such as an overpowered toy product becoming a weapon is prohibited. If it is legal in the destination country, you can sell imitation gems or jewellery but any fake or imitation aspect must be marked in the warning section and must be very obvious otherwise we will consider you as a fraudster, furthermore we remind that in some countries, certification of jewellery might be required. It is considered acting in bad faith if you are not disclosing certain aspects of your products that is negative, known to create issues, known to have side effects or if known by public would decrease the value of your offering. You cannot sell offensive or obscene products, including but not limited to those products that create intrigue for, promote or glorify death, hatred, violence, sexual abuse, intolerance and others.

Furthermore, your Designs and products must need to be compliant with the destination state or international requirements, furthermore we also like to remind that your product name cannot include Design.Org or your product cannot integrate any Design.Org intellectual property such as logo, trademarks, icons and similar.

Did you discover a loop hole? Are you able to hack or access some information that you are not supposed to? Contact Us so that we could fix it; don't publicly announce it.

It is important to remember that all used items shall be marked as used with their condition indicated as is otherwise, expired products must be marked as used – expired as well as include a big and readable warning text that the product shall not be used for its original intended purpose (such as an expired can of product sold for collection purposes might be but you cannot put expired can of product for consumption purpose; you must very clearly indicate that the product is not suitable for consumption or usage), single use products that have already been used must be especially noted, products that have had their packaging altered in such a way that removes or obscures any identifying codes placed on the packaging by its creator, the manufacturer or distributor, including but not limited to QR Codes, Barcodes, Matrix codes, Lot numbers or Serial numbers are further prohibited.

You are solely responsible for verifying the identity of Designers who engage in a transaction with you and you must check, control and assume liability for the eligibility of a Designers to engage in a transaction with you, for example Designers might have limitations due to law or sanctions and you should make sure not to buy from or sell to any Designers that is not eligible to buy from you or sell to you as restricted by law. You cannot upload content with the sole purpose of making people unhappy or sad, you cannot upload content that interferes with another Users’ enjoyment of Designers.Org (within common sense).

By creating an Account, you further agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Violation / Infringement

Please report any intellectual property and proprietary right violation and infringements
as well as any content that is not socially appropriate.


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